Messenger Kids Safety Game: Pledge Planets

Messenger Kids Pledge Planets It’s our mission to empower kids to safely connect with friends and family. For our young audience, Messenger Kids may be their first messaging app. We want to help them build digital literacy, learn about online safety, and the security, privacy, and safety features available to them. When we onboard new users … Read More

Messenger Kids AR Filters

Messenger Kids – AR Filters Role – AR Designer  Created in Spark AR and published on Messenger Kids. I worked with a technical artist on our team, Emma Yates. With a little bit of science, a bit of wonder, I hope kids can have fun with the AR effect and boost their confidence like a … Read More


Murals for Doubting Thomas, Echo Park, LA I love that art can uplift the environment where people would gather. It’s been a dream side project to design a mural for a cafe, Doubting Thomas in LA. When customers enter Doubting Thomas, I hope that the illustration would help the cafe give more warmth, refreshment, and … Read More

Microsoft Game Stack

Microsoft Game Stack Microsoft Game Stack is a full range of game development solutions from Microsoft including developer tools and online services. We were part of a team to develop visuals for its new brand identity for its launch at the 2019 Game Developers Conference. We imagined it would be like its own isometric game … Read More