at&t Designs for an AT&T pitch. What if the AT&T globe split into disks that transformed into something more? Role: Designer Produced at Laundry.


Justin’s Nut Butter 01. In nature Imagine an almond branch growing and blooming in a time-lapse. A bee with almond wing buzzes by. Almonds and flowers create a synchronized ensemble around the jar of Justin’s. I thought it would also be interesting to use shadows to “paint” the environment. Like soft silhouette of almond branches … Read More


SoFi Animation and live-action went hand-in-hand to create a stylized and futuristic SoFi world. First, our team’s designs art directed how the live-action set would look like. After it was filmed on set, my role was to design 3D stylized environments in C4D. Throughout, I worked with a compositor who integrated the designs back seamlessly … Read More


Heaven Series God, the original designer, inspires everything for me. These personal artwork came from envisioning my sanctuary happy place. Role: Design & Animation Software: C4D – Redshift Coming Home The Prince


Luminopia We explored characters and the story for Luminopia, a platform that guides children 8-12 through the emotional challenges of anxiety. Our goal was to keep the content imaginative, authentic, and genuinely relatable. Worked on: Conceptualization & Design (C4D Redshift, Photoshop) What if the mentor character (who leads the viewer through coping mechanisms) is a … Read More


T-Mobile Round 01: Design Exploration. It was wide open with the theme “celebration” in the T-mobile pink. Round 02: Animation The balloon idea was quite fitting for New Years. A disco ball idea also emerged as well. These concepts were animated in the Laundry Team and were displayed in Times Square.

“I am the Grinch” MV

I am the Grinch Cindy Lou who? I live in Who-ville, who are you?   I get to ridin’ and ridin’ and ridin’ around   Add a little Banksy easter egg…   Don’t knock, no gifts over here