Messenger Kids Pledge Planets

Pledge Planets is a safety game on Messenger Kids that help kids learn how to make healthy online decisions, stay safe, and build resilience. Kids will explore different planets based on the four Messenger Kids Pledge — Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Have Fun.

Each pledge is represented with a unique planet, story, and character that the kids help out. We believe that rather than schooling kids about “being kind,” kids will learn with deeper engagement by helping another character to be kind through games.

Role – Concept & Visual Development
This game was a big collaborative effort in the Messenger Kids team with designers, illustrators, animators, and technical artists.

I worked on concept and visual development of Pledge Planets, especially on designing the space world, planets, and the general user experience and navigation.

We created Pledge Planets to make it easy and fun for kids to learn about good digital citizenship and online safety to better shape what could be their first online messaging experience.