Murals for Doubting Thomas, Echo Park, LA

I love that art can uplift the environment where people would gather. It’s been a dream side project to design a mural for a cafe, Doubting Thomas in LA. When customers enter Doubting Thomas, I hope that the illustration would help the cafe give more warmth, refreshment, and nourishment to those who visit. An urban oasis offering refreshment in not just amazingly good food, but also in mind and spirit.

Illustrations could color the atmosphere to be more peaceful or a place to evoke conversations. Here are more samples.

Murals for Laundry, Arts District, LA

Located in LA's art district, Laundry is a design and animation creative studio. Reflecting the creativity and talent that Laundry houses, the murals can create a space of inspiration and creative freedom.

A cat would open the garage door.

Murals for Ubebaby, Echo Park, LA

These designs were for Frankielucy (now Ube Baby) -- a bakery in Echo Park, LA with ube (purple sweet potato) desserts!

Concept designs for a peaceful interior corner.  Stickers that bring purple hues of light and curious customers inside.