Messenger Kids Rebrand

Messenger Kids is a messaging and video chat app designed for kids 6-12 to connect with their friends and family through creative expression, play, and communication in a safe environment.

In 2021, Messenger Kids rebranded with a new “Recess” illustration system that communicates the app’s possibilities and features to kids in a fun, inspiring, and easy-to-understand way.

Role – Art Director
Brand Designer, Motion Designer

I’m thankful to have joined to art direct the Recess illustration and motion system. I also worked on creating brand elements and brand guidelines.

Post-launch, I maintained the Messenger Kids brand, creating new brand illustrations and maintaining brand consistency in the app, like design systems for UI elements for in-app game and AR filters.




Stickers and in-game prompts

Onboarding parents & kids to Messenger Kids

Kids’ educational flows on safety, kindness, and privacy

App Customization Flows

Rebranded Games