Microsoft Game Stack

Microsoft Game Stack is a full range of game development solutions from Microsoft including developer tools and online services. We were part of a team to develop visuals for its new brand identity for its launch at the 2019 Game Developers Conference. We imagined it would be like its own isometric game world, where we would take the users through the different stages of game development.

Role – Concept Design & 3D Illustration
(3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering)

Used C4D & Redshift.

Created at Laundry in collaboration with 3AM and Microsoft.
Exec. Creative Director: PJ Richardson
CG Generalist: Yang Liu
Designer: Yoojin Seol

Typography below provided from Microsoft.

Here are some close-ups.
We designed the isometric world and characters.

Our 3D illustrations taken into web and mobile UI by the Microsoft team.

And into real space for Game Developers Conference 2019!

Here were some of my early concept sketches. As some of these concepts were abstract, it was important to nail the concept per image.

Below was just a mech dog for fun.