We explored characters and the story for Luminopia, a platform that guides children 8-12 through the emotional challenges of anxiety. Our goal was to keep the content imaginative, authentic, and genuinely relatable.

(Above) What if the mentor character — who leads the viewer through coping mechanisms — is a giant bird that balloons up as an umbrella to protect others? And our hero character is a little bird who would grow up like the mentor.

(Below) What if the main character was like a “mood ring”? A ball that changes colors and body shape to express different moods. And maybe our mentor character is a big sturdy guy. I loved how our creative director said it — “a huggable little mountain or a walking talking happy place”.

Worked on: Pitch, Concept, & Design (C4D, Redshift, Photoshop)
Created at Laundry.

What if our hero character was a porcupine who puffs up in defense? Or perhaps our mentor character is a courageous and gentle lion?
Here are some sketches.