Justin’s Nut Butter

I designed some styleframes to create a fresh look for Justin’s. They wanted to stay in a simple white world but feel more natural and crafted in a story.
Consumed much nut butter for fueling these designs and renders to look delicious! Worth it.

Role – Designed Styleframes
Used C4D – Redshift.
Produced at Laundry.

01. In nature

Imagine an almond branch growing and blooming in a time-lapse. A bee with almond wing buzzes by. Almonds and flowers create a synchronized ensemble around the jar of Justin's.I thought it would also be interesting to use shadows to "paint" the environment. Like soft silhouette of almond branches places the whole spot in a natural context, while keeping it white and simple.

02. In space

We keep the polished, premium aesthetics but... take it to space! What if planets and asteroid belts are made of bits and pieces of nuts? And we take the audience to infinity and beyond -- pushing past the peanut planet, the PB cup, past the eclipse of the jar lid... to the Justin's jar in a nebulae of almonds.

03. Realistic & Scrumptious

For this concept, I worked on composition, typography, lighting, and rendering. As a team, we worked together to push the cups and peanut butter material look realistic and delicious as the real thing.