I AM THE GRINCH ·  Tyler, The Creator

Cindy Lou who? I live in Who-ville, who are you?
At Laundry, I was thrilled for the opportunity to design and animate a music video for Tyler the Creator for Illumination’s The Grinch Movie! Not only was the collaboration surprising and wild, but so was the creative potential! Colorful 3D & 2D designs, typography, and loads of fun.

Role – Design, Illustration, 2D Animation
I designed and animated 3D and 2D scenes and worked on typography.
I worked with the creative director on the pitch and art directed the style, color, and typography. 

Used C4D, Redshift, Photoshop, After Effects

Created at Laundry.
Executive Creative Director: PJ Richardson
Producer: Schuyler McFerran
Designers: Yoojin Seol, Nick Illuzada
Animators: Yongmin Park, Teppei Maki, Yoojin Seol
3D Artists: Yang Liu, Alan Ng

I get to ridin' and ridin' and ridin' around

Add a little Banksy easter egg...

Beyond the Film – A Social Scavenger Hunt

These colorful moments of the music video also lived as Instagram posts that promoted the film. Furthermore, there was a hidden game to it as well! The team at Illumination conceptualized a social media scavenger hunt where fans could win these rare limited edition Converses that Tyler, the Creator created.

These codes were hidden in social media posts. And we even snuck some QR codes in the video itself.