Dunkin Donuts

It’s cheersin’ time! Our team at Laundry worked on a holiday commercials and social ads for Dunkin Donuts.
However, it was shot on a covid winter, so our “cheersin” had to be very particular with no-touch safety.
It was fun to express the characters through just their sleeves and hands, with the cloth simulated with Marvelous Designer.

Role – Art Direction & Design 
Worked on the pitch, storyboards, design frames, and help art direct the commercial come alive from concept to delivery.
Used C4D, Redshift, Marvelous Designer.

Created at Laundry.
Exec. Creative Director: Tony Liu
Art Direction & Design: Yoojin Seol
CG Artists & Animators: Christian Brown, Michael Matzur, Ted Gore, Nicholas Toro