Typography Typographic works from various projects; most were from designing chapter titles for a book on creative leadership.

Character Designs

Character Designs Variety of abstract 2D characters from different projects.

“I am the Grinch” MV

I am the Grinch Cindy Lou who? I live in Who-ville, who are you?   I get to ridin’ and ridin’ and ridin’ around   Add a little Banksy easter egg…   Don’t knock, no gifts over here    

Zip Recruiter

Zip Recruiter Styleframes for Zip Recruiter. Produced at Laundry. Worked on: Design & Pitch Concept 1. Highlight the right skills, background, and find the perfect candidates. Concept 2. Solve the puzzle of narrowing down the right candidates.


NPR Watch it here


Firefox Designs for a short animation for Firework. Journey through an internet dystopia that sells your data to a safe, free world. Worked on: Designs (Photoshop) Produced at Laundry.

United Health Care

United Health Care Frames for United Health Care. Worked on: Design Produced at Gentleman Scholar.


Incyte – Voices of MPN